Make your car’s future even brighter using EvoWash car washing and detailing products that not only clean your car’s surface from dust, road grime, acid rain and other contaminants that react with your vehicle on daily basis, but also provide protection against harmful UV radiations, giving your car a streak-free finish and the same showroom shine like before. All the EvoWash products are fortified with the best ingredients and cleaning agents, after passing through the most rigorous tests and being tested and approved by professional car-detailers, thus providing you convenience in car detailing and saving your time, money, energy, and most important resource of the planet, WATER!

Our Mission

We are the car detailing enthusiasts in UAE you possibly have heard about who love the simple beauty of finely detailed cars. Ever since our inception, EvoWash have been committed to bring its customers waterless revolutionary car care services in UAE that would excel your expectations. We endeavour to save water and protect the environment by providing eco-friendly, waterless car detailing equipment and products to people. Our sole aim has been nothing but to be the change we wish to see in the auto detailing service industry.

What Do We Do?

It’s of no secret that the automotive care industry splurges water and releases toxic chemicals from the traditional car detailing products into the environment causing it harm. After developing an understanding of the issues associated with the conventional watered automotive care products, we at EvoWash decided to take matters into our hands, align our philosophy with the global movement towards eco-friendly technology and step into the world of unconventional car detailing products and thus become UAE’s very first ‘Green’ car cleaning equipment supplier. Loaded with EvoWash waterless car wash and wax products to carry out an efficient car detailing job, our most desired product, EvoWash Car Wash trolley is the ultimate dream of both a car lover and a service provider.

Invest in Future of your vehicle with the EvoWash Car Wash Products!

EvoWash offers a reliable car wash system all over Middle East and Africa. Being the best and only Mobile Car Wash Cart or Trolley manufacturer and Car-Washing Products Wholesale suppliers, we offer a range of products including Mobile Car Wash Cart, Car Care Products, Car Wash Cleaning Equipment, ECO Car Wash Products, Car Detailing Services, Car Cleaning Services, Auto Detailing Tools and Accessories, Auto Detailing Supplies, Auto Detailing Products, Best Car Shampoos, Detailing Sprays, Car Wash, Wax, Polishes and Microfiber Towels.

The best thing about us is that we do our part to help preserve our the most important resource of our planet. WATER!

Moreover, EvoWash also works as a professional automotive care company that specialises in providing the less-heard-of waterless car care services. Sounds bizarre? Well it will not now. Waterless care wash is the revolutionary new way of taking care of your vehicle for today’s consumer. EvoWash provides its customers one of a kind, waterless, luxury car cleaning and detailing services in Dubai. What makes our services unique and stand out among similar others is that our customers do not need to bring their vehicles to us because we come to you. While the traditional car wash method usually consumes up to 25-46 gallons of water per session, the ‘Green’ car wash technology we follow does not spill a single drop of water!

Availability of waterless car wash cleaning equipment seemed like an unfeasibility a decade ago however today there are numerous options in the market. But are all those products worth the money? Listening to the needs of our customers, EvoWash also serves as the biggest car washing products wholesale supplier in Middle East and brings you the finest automotive detailing products imported directly from America. Regardless of your client’s vehicle detailing needs, our eco car care products such as car wash shampoos, detailing sprays, car waxes, polishes and microfiber towels will not only meet their car detailing requirements but will exceed their expectations for quality and performance.

The eco car care products EvoWash use, not only clean your vehicle’s surface but ensure it stays that way long enough before it needs another cycle of treatment. The products made with high quality, hi-tech ingredients provide your vehicle’s surface the anti-static properties which impart it the ability to repel water and bounce off dust and dirt particles. The result? Your vehicle will require lesser rounds of cleaning per month as opposed to with traditional washing techniques and products.

Revive your vehicle’s interior and exterior and turn it into brand new with our car detailing products and services. Let the professionals handle your vehicle and you will never regret it. In fact, we guarantee you will never want to have your car detailed without using EvoWash products. To us, nothing equals a happy satisfied customer.

What we have achieved so far is an overwhelming response from our loyal customers and there is nothing more satisfying to us more than the appreciation we receive from those who are happy with our products and detailing tips. We invite you to come and visit us for a personal customer experience.

We Are Here To Help You

We are always available to answer all your questions and concerns. It is only one click away, so please do not hesitate to send us your inquiries about our services or car wash products