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Waterless Car Wash Clean (Concentrate)

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EvoWash Clean (Concentrate) is a waterless, rinseless car wash concentrate that is not only suitable to clean your vehicle but can be used on any painted surface, glass, plastic and chrome finish surfaces. Simply spray, swipe and buff!

Any surface you treat with EvoWash Clean (Concentrate) is left with anything but a sparkling clean and lustrous finish. All the dirt and grime that once hoarded your vehicle’s surface is removed effortlessly and without using a single drop of water. All you need is EvoWash Clean (Concentrate), water (to dilute the product) and a microfiber towel to clean your entire vehicle.

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Ever cleaned a medium sized car with just 50ml of a car wash cleaner? That might sound absurd but EvoWash clean (concentrate) proves otherwise. With only a 50ml of the EvoWash clean (concentrate) and diluted with around 500ml of water you can easily clean an entire medium sized car without spilling any additional water.
Product Features & Benefits

  • EvoWash clean (concentrate) cleans all surfaces included treated and painted surfaces.
  • Perfect to clean the outside of your vehicle, glass, chrome and plastic surfaces.
  • Works without the need of water and a hose.
  • Best car wash cleaner to remove dirt, grime and dust with easy swiping motion.
  • Perfect to use with microfiber towels.
  • Leaves a shiny, lustrous finish and protects your vehicle from UV rays for weeks.
  • Formulated with anti-static and high-grade ingredients for incredible long lasting results.


Directions to Use EvoWash Clean (Concentrate)
Begin by diluting EvoWash clean (concentrate) since the product is highly concentrated and not suitable to use directly on your vehicle. Take a 50ml of EvoWash clean concentrate and dilute it with 500ml of water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and shake the contents well to ensure a homogenous mixture. Next, apply the diluted EvoWash clean on a microfiber towel or directly onto your vehicle* and start swiping off the dirt. Buff in thoroughly with a clean microfiber towel for the lustrous and shiny finish that lasts for weeks. Use either right after waxing or washing the car and enjoy the high quality, long lasting results.

*For heavily dirty vehicles, rinse off the thick layers of dirt with water first.

Liquid Size

4 liters

Container Type

HDPE Plastic Bottle




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