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Microfiber Cleaning Towel Bundle Pack

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EvoWash Microfiber Car Wash Towels also come in a pack of 10. Save your time and now your money as well. These are high quality, never-before-seen car detailing tools that are perfect to clean any surface be it a vehicle’s painted body or glass windows, aluminum, chrome and plastics can also be cleaned effortlessly with them.
Made with polyester and polyamide microfibers, they clean your car’s interior, exterior, windows, mirrors, wheels, vinyl, leather and plastic with great ease. Simply spray the car detailing product onto your vehicle and scrub the dirt away with an EvoWash Microfiber towel. Re-useable up to a 200 times.

These 40 x 40 cm Microfiber Towels are perfect for general purpose cleaning such as body cleaning, windows, engine bays, rocker panels, or wheels.

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Use EvoWash Microfiber Towels-Bundle to clean anything of your car including Interior, Exterior, Windows, Mirrors, Wheels, Vinyl, Leather or Plastic. It is manufactured with Polyester and Polyamide, and has a standard overlock stitched edge and a sewn in label. The towels contain numerous small polyester and polyamide strands that allow people to clean their vehicle more effectively without the use of chemicals.

EvoWash Microfiber Bundle Towels are a cost effective solution for automobile cleaning, and absorb up to seven times their own weight. The soft fibers are designed not to scratch delicate paint surfaces. Moreover, these towels are completely machine washable and reusable. The ultra-soft material of towels promises streak free shines on windows, mirrors and other surfaces of the vehicle. You can wash and re-use them anytime you want.

Thus, these towels pick up dust and dirt quickly without the use of chemicals, and are super-easy to wash. The EvoWash Microfiber Towels Bundle pack are used to dust wooden furniture, clean electronics and detail automotive interior and exterior surfaces. Use them if you want a scratch-free and smooth finish!

Product Features & Benefit

  • EvoWash Microfiber towels are perfect to use both ways, wet or dry.
  • Perfect to clean painted vehicles, glass windows, aluminium & chrome structures causing no streaks & scratches.
  • Soft fibres ensure the vehicle is left sparkly clean without any scratches and streaks.
  • Light-weight, durable and can be reused more than 100 times.
  • Use with EvoWash Clean and EvoWash Wax for optimum results.

How to Keep EvoWash Microfiber Towel Clean
Once car wash, wax and detailing is done its time you wash the EvoWash Microfiber towels properly. Separate the relatively cleaner towels from the dirty ones and start washing the cleaner ones first.
EvoWash microfiber towels are completely safe to wash in a machine but make sure you use hot water as it helps the fibres unclog and release all the dirt and grime.
Once the washing is done you now need to dry your EvoWash car detailing towels but make sure you put the heat on low otherwise the fibres may get roasted and turn hard and scratchy. Also, never use a fibre softener while washing these towels, the product may stuck in the fibres clogging them and rendering the microfiber towel useless.




Microfiber Fabric


40 x 40 CM


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