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EvoWash Quick WAX Car Detailer 20 liters

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EvoWash Quick WAX 20 liters is a product formulated with carnauba for waxing your car and protecting it. The application of product is easy, using spray-wipe-buff mechanism. With no sides effects, it helps in hiding swirl marks and light scratches and can be used irrespective of the intensity of UV radiations.

It is a one-step liquid wax spray that removes contaminant particles from the surface of your vehicle and gives it a smooth and streak-free, glossy finish!

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The advanced formula of EvoWash Quick Car Wax Gallon contains a 20-liter pallet that is enough to wax up to 90 mid-size cars, and is enriched with carnauba wax for making your vehicles glow. The formula gives your car a rather professional look and protects it from harmful ultraviolet radiations, acid rains and other contaminants that react with your vehicle on daily basis. The spray makes your vehicle secure for up to 3 months. Moreover, it does not streak or smear even in high heat and humidity, with ensured protection and makes it easier to keep your vehicle clean, thus offering an unbeatable combination of shine and protection.

It leaves behind an ultra-thin coat of gloss, resulting in a beautiful shine and does not react with the polymer surface protectors. Thus, you can wax and protect your vehicle within your garage in a matter of an hour only. The product offers an easy application and show-stopping real shine of the carnauba wax.

Product Features & Benefits

  • 20 Litre bottle serves up to 90 medium sized cars
  • EvoWash Wax contains refined Carnauba wax
  • The waterless formula of EvoWash Car detailing wax makes it ideal to use anywhere anytime
  • Promotes streak-free, deep shine and lustrous finish
  • The spray-on formula makes the car wax application a breeze
  • Perfect for paintwork, glass, clear plastic lenses, metal, wheels, and more!
  • Creates a thin hydrophobic layer on your vehicle that keeps it dust-free
  • Prevents water spots and contamination stains
  • Protects the vehicle from harmful pollutants and UV solar rays.


Directions to Use EvoWash Quick WAX Car Detailer.
Ensure the vehicle is not heavily soiled before application. To get rid of any excess dirt and grime, simple use EvoWash Waterless Clean and proceed to the next step. Shake the bottle of EvoWash Wax well and pour into a smaller spray bottle. Spray the product on the car’s surface and let it dry for a few minutes into a haze. Next take a clean dry microfiber towel and buff in the product well to get high shine, lavish result. EvoWash Wax is safe and suitable to be used either on wet or dry surfaces. For best results, spread the product into a thin even layer all over the vehicle and use a good quality microfiber towel.

*For heavily dirty vehicles, rinse off the thick layers of dirt with water first.

Liquid Size

20 liter

Container Type

HDPE Plastic Drum




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