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EvoWash Quick Spray WAX Car Detailer

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The EvoWash Car WAX Spray makes it all easy for you to protect your car, offering super-easy application. It’s the Best Spray Car Wax, fortified with Carnauba Wax that adds to further protection and ensures a super-durable glossy and mirror-like finish. The application is simple spray-wipe-and buff, providing a long-lasting and streak-free finish to your vehicle and a superior UV protection to prevent color fading.

To make your cars glow grab EvoWash Car WAX Spray right now!

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Within less than quarter of an hour, the entire surface of your car is waxed. without any contamination, EvoWash Quick Car WAX spray is safe to use on different surfaces including chrome, stainless steel & aluminum, clear coat, paint, fiberglass, plastics and clear plastics. without fading, cracking, peeling or aging off, the spray wax can be easily applied in any type of sunlight irrespective of its intensity. The product is best fit for a final detail car wax and leaves a brilliant natural shine.
The wax is durable and provides maximum shine, without any harmful chemicals or residues, which makes it easier to apply on the exterior part of your car, without leaving any residue. Thus, it is suitable to apply on all shades of color.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Contains liquid carnauba shine wax as the prime ingredient
  • Perfect to use on all surfaces including chrome, plastics, paints, glass, stainless steel and more.
  • Use on either wet or dry surface
  • Leaves a brilliant lustrous finish
  • Does not cause any damage to treated surfaces and results in a streak-free effect
  • Protects your vehicle from dust, pollutants and UV rays.
  • Can be used on up to 3 medium-sized cars


Directions to Use EvoWash Quick Spray WAX Car Detailer
While applying, shake the bottle so that the mixture gets evenly distributed within the bottle. Wash the surface and dry it before applying. Spray it onto a cool car surface and spread the product gently using a microfiber towel.
This formula helps to remove water spots, dust, and other debris from the hard surfaces of your car, while leaving a protective layer that lasts up to 90 days. It is safe to use on all surfaces. You can wax your car within no time, with protection guaranteed. The wax lasts for weeks and produces amazing results. Without having to use a liquid wax, it helps in maintaining the just waxed looked of your car.


650 ml


HDPE Plastic Bottle




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