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EvoWash Mini Cart (Mobile Car Wash Trolley)

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EvoWash Mini Cart (mini car wash trolley) is an innovative, waterless car wash trolley that doesn’t require water to operate! It uses an environmentally-friendly wax and allows you to do a complete car wash and wax within 30 minutes. The Mini Car Wash Trolley may come loaded with all the necessary products anyone can need to take their vehicle from looking dull and boring to lustrous and brand new. It has a space for all waterless car cleaning and detailing products such as; EvoWash Clean, EvoWash Wax as well as the tools required to apply the products, Microfiber towels and sponges and spray bottles.

The fact that it is completely autonomous and needs only one person to handle makes it ideal for quick car wash and detailing service right in the car park of either your office, gym, a mall or even in the garage of your house.

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While waterless car wash and wax processes are not unheard of yet we felt there was a need to create an affordable, handy, easy-to-carry, car washing and detailing system on the go, hence EvoWash Cart (mobile car wash trolley) was made.

Compact, user-friendly, environment-friendly and mobile, EvoWash Mini Cart is what you need to provide fuss-free the best car wash, wax and detail services. It comes with manual pump, and uses only 1-2 liters of water that too to rinse off microfiber towels. Its condensed size allows you to carry it anywhere your client requires your services, be it their office, gym, at a mall or their house.

Product Features & Benefits

  • 100% environmentally-friendly
  • Built-in water tank and storage area with manual pump, and a helli-coil hose to clean the vehicle without missing any part.
  • Light-weight, easy to carry, mobile, an all-in-one car wash trolley ideal to take places
  • No more soapy mess on floors!
  • Doesn’t require any more than 1 litre water just to wash microfiber towels
  • Utilizes biodegradable and eco-friendly car products.
  • Can be used for one whole day when charged
  • Swifter, faster and easier than a traditional car wash service.


Directions to Use EvoWash Mobile Car Wash Trolley
Make sure your EvoWash Mini Cart (Mini Car Wash Trolley) is loaded with all the essential products before you take it out for the day’s work. Prepare the car wash liquid by simply adding the required amount (2 liters) of EvoWash Clean Concentrate and clean water into the Trolley’s storage chamber.

The pump mix them well and transfer to the pressure vessel from where it can be used directly. Using the helli-coil hose attached to the Mini Trolley spray the eco car wash product all over the vehicle*, lift the dirt with a microfiber towel and buff the surface to achieve flawless results. Use swift lifting motions with the microfiber towels to take off all the dirt and grime collected on the vehicle. To wash the used microfiber towels simply pump in fresh water from its storage chamber into the wash compartment and rinse the dirty towels.

*For heavily dirty vehicles, rinse off the thick layers of dirt with water first.






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