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EvoWash Cart (Waterless Mobile Car Wash Trolley)

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EvoWash Cart Car Wash Trolley is an environmentally friendly, single-handed, waterless car wash trolley. An innovative step towards waterless car wash service right at your doorstep! with its manual or electrical pump and rechargeable battery works effectively, providing you with the space to carry all the necessary elements required in car washing and detailing.
It requires only one person to manage and comes loaded with EvoWash Clean, EvoWash Wax, Microfiber towels, sponges, spray bottles, wheel/rim cleaner, heavy duty cleaner and tyre shine; all the essential car care products and equipment needed to carry out vehicle’s waterless washing, waxing and detailing.
The fact that it is an autonomous unit with enough capacity to run for an entire day without the need for refilling compartments and recharging batteries makes it the best car wash trolley to provide services in any car park, at your client’s garage or your service station.

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EvoWash CART Car Wash Trolley has a single pump, which can be modified and replaced with two pumps. There are total two containers with 30-litre capacity for each. The body of the car wash cart uses fiberglass in its manufacture. This portable car wash trolley uses heavy and strong wheels and high reach nozzles. The weight of this mobile car wash trolley when it’s totally empty is 115 Kg, and it’s fully autonomous. No particular infrastructure is required to run it.
The trolley contains internal deposits for clean and dirty water, with enough capacity to work without refilling for up to 24 hours. There is a rechargeable battery provided to provide power to the electrical pump and the vacuum cleaner. The cart features a large work top area and two individual water tanks containers.

100% Eco-friendly Nature
Moreover, its environmentally-friendly nature makes it even more desirable to wax and detail your car. It saves your time as well as water from being wasted as it uses less 2 to 4 liters of water per vehicle wash. The cleaning wax it provides is 100% natural and water soluble. To be precise, it is all-in-one push-trolley unit that washes, waxes, protects and polishes your car within 25 minutes in your own garage, and is the best cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the traditional car wash!

Product Features & Benefits

  • Compact and all-in-one auto detailing car wash system
  • Pump Type are manual or electrical with rechargeable battery (prices are different)
  • Number of Pumps: One, (you can also modify for two pumps)
  • This Mobile Car Wash Trolley have 2 containers. (30 litres each container)
  • Consumes less than 4 litres per wash
  • Material of trolley body is in fiberglass
  • High Reach Lance; pressure Nozzle
  • Trolley Weight when empty: 115 kg
  • Trolley Size are: Width 65cm, Length 120cm, Height 100cm
  • Minimizes consumption of water (Save the Water)
  • 100 % natural and soluble cleaning agents
  • Eco-friendly Auto Carwash Trolley


Directions to Use EvoWash Mobile Car Wash Trolley
Connect your EvoWash-Cart Car Wash Trolley and let it recharge before taking it out for the day’s work (if it is equipped with rechargeable battery). To prep the car cleaning products, simply add the EvoWash Clean Concentrate and required amount of water into the storage chamber. The contents once thoroughly mixed together are transferred to the pressure vessel by the pump and motor. Use the helli-coil hose attached to the Car Wash Trolley to reach and apply the car cleaning mixture to every nook and corner of the vehicle. Take the microfiber towel and with swift swiping motions lift off all the dirt and grime, save the dirtiest parts of the vehicle for last.

Once all the dirt is removed you can rinse the microfiber towels on spot. Simply pump fresh water into the wash compartment from the storage chamber and rinse the cloths off either during or after the wash. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff in the final product to impart shine and finish off the cleaning process.

*For heavily dirty vehicles, rinse off the thick layers of dirt with water first.






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