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EvoWash Car Washer (Car Wash Unit)

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Smarter and more compact than ever, EvoWash Car Washer Unit allows you to carry out car wash and detailing jobs with greater effortlessness. No water spillage and no soapy mess on the floor anymore! light-weight, easy to use and carry around.
EvoWash Car Washer (car wash unit) is an eco-friendly, waterless car detailing pod kit that has everything essential to execute the job with finesse. Way lighter than the original EvoWash Cart, its whole structure includes just a pump, a powerful motor, a huge compartment to store the EvoWash car wash and a helli-coil hose that allows you to reach out every nook and corner of the vehicle with great precision. It also includes a compartment to keep your clean and used microfiber towels.

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EvoWash Car Washer (Car Wash Unit) is a cordless car detailing system that runs with battery. The battery is rechargeable with a capacity of 12 volts. The overall capacity of this car washing unit is 20 liters, with a molded and UV-treated body to provide maximum protection against radiations. It uses heavy duty 6-inches wheels with high reach nozzles and overall it weighs 16 kg when it is empty.
Traditional water-based detailing systems are large, bulky, wasteful and expensive. This unique car washing system brings mobility, speed and comfort together to produce the ultimate package for detailing any vehicle, anytime in your own garage!

Perfect solution for meeting your detailing needs
EvoWash Washer helps you perform complete detailing of your vehicle wherever you want! There is no restriction or specific area for your job to be done. The rechargeable nature of this unit saves you from using any extra power.
No matter what the situation, it is the perfect solution to meet your detailing needs. The overall look of the unit seems stunning and is sure to impress your customers with its clean looks. It is cordless and completely mobile detailing system with no negative impact on the environment, and has revolutionized the world of detailing forever.
It’s the time to say goodbye to wasting time, money and water forever!

Product Features & Benefits

  • Battery operated and rechargeable
  • EvoWash Car Washer Unit has the capacity to run for an entire day for up to 20 hours.
  • Comes with a 20L storage compartment to carry EvoWash Clean
  • Made with UV treated material hence keeps the contents inside the compartment UV safe.
  • Easy to use helli-coil hose that can reach to every nook and corner of the vehicle with precision.
  • Light-weight body makes it easier to carry around at jobs.
  • The spray nozzle allows the EvoWash Clean solution to spread evenly onto the vehicle’s surface minimizing product wastage.
  • Saves up to 200L of water per car wash.

Directions to Use EvoWash Car Washer machine.
Fill the compartment of EvoWash Washer (car wash unit) with one part EvoWash Clean Concentrate and nine parts fresh water. Switch on the pump and motor to allow the contents to mix together thoroughly.
Use the car washing pressure sprayer attached to its body to reach out and apply the waterless car wash cleaner to every inch of the vehicle.
Take a clean microfiber towel and gently lift all the dirt off the vehicle’s surface with quick swiping motions. Buff the surface thoroughly with another clean microfiber towel to ensure a squeaky clean, lustrous finish that lasts for weeks.

*For heavily dirty vehicles, rinse off the thick layers of dirt with water first.


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