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EvoWash Waterless Car Wash Clean Spray

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EvoWash waterless car wash clean spray’s super sudsing formula cleans your vehicle without the fuss of rinsing with water. Spray, Swipe, Buff and you are done! It is safe to be used on all treated and painted surfaces, plastics, chrome and glass. EvoWash Clean Spray is a waterless car cleaner with a unique blend of surfactants and polymers designed to remove dust, grime and fingerprints swiftly off your car’s surface leaving it absolutely spotless without spilling a single drop of water!

All you need to do is spray the waterless car cleaner on a microfiber towel or directly onto your vehicle, using wiping motions lift the dirt off causing any scratch on the surface. Subsequently, taking another clean microfiber towel and buffing motions will impart shine to the vehicle’s surface.

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If your vehicle needs a best car wash clean spray friend, let it be EvoWash Clean Spray. There could not have been a product better than this that provides your car a squeaky clean surface in the easiest of steps. And not only that, it does not cost any water spillage as well.
Product Features & Benefits

  • EvoWash clean spray comes in an easy 650ml spray-on bottle
  • EvoWash clean spray cleans up to 4 medium sized cars
  • The unique blend of surfactants and polymers present in our car wash spray lets it to be used without any external water source
  • EvoWash clean spray is an eco-car wash product made with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients
  • EvoWash clean spray takes off the dirt and grime in a quick and swift process
  • Leaves your vehicle with a clean, lustrous finish without causing any scratch
  • Safe to use to on chrome, glass, plastic and all paint surfaces
  • Non-static technology makes it the best car wash clean spray in Dubai.
  • It keeps the car’s surface unsoiled for weeks and protects from harsh weather and UV rays.

Directions to Use EvoWash Clean Spray
EvoWash Clean Spray gives any vehicle the best looking surface in effortless and painless steps. All you need to do is take the EvoWash Clean 650ml bottle, shake it well to ensure all the ingredients come together homogeneously.
Then take a microfiber towel and spray the product onto it or directly onto the vehicle’s surface but make sure it is not laden with thick layers of dirt*. Next, gently wipe the vehicle’s surface with the microfiber towel and using the lifting motion pick up all the dirt. Take another dry clean microfiber towel and use it immediately after the first step in a buffing motion. Doing so will lift up any remaining dirt particles and also impart shine and luster to the vehicle’s surface.

*For heavily dirty vehicles, rinse off the thick layers of dirt with water first.

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