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EvoWash Quick WAX Car Detailer 4 liters

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EvoWash Quick WAX 4 liters can be used as a final car detailing wax that leaves a brilliant natural shine, as it is fortified with carnauba wax which ensures a streak-free and glossy finish. It is the fastest and easiest way to wax your vehicle and add to its shine and protection, with an easy application that generates great results and saves your time.
Use this quick shine premium finishing wax spray to make your vehicles shine in seconds and get rid of contaminants!

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The 4-liter gallon of EvoWash Quick WAX is enough to wax up to 18 mid-size cars. Fortified with natural carnauba wax and optical grade spray sealants, it helps in boosting shine of your car, along with protecting the paintwork, polished metal, clear plastics, glass and the overall exterior of your car.

The formula is overall blended with advanced UV blockers that protect your vehicle from the harmful ultraviolet radiation effects of the sun. Thus, it is the perfect solution to keep your vehicle look amazing with outstanding protection against the contaminants. It dries fast and applies easily, bringing life to your car. The formula will change the way you wax your car forever and make your vehicle shine within seconds, providing it with the ultimate glow that lasts for months!

Product Features & Benefits

  • EvoWash car wash wax is a unique water-based formula that can be easily sprayed on.
  • Use it both on wet or dry surfaces, and as a final car detailing wax.
  • Loaded with carnauba wax as the main ingredient, the formula surpasses everything available in the market.
  • 4 Litres gallon perfect for businesses to provide car detailing services.
  • Can wax up to 18 medium-sized cars
  • Perfect to use on any treated and non-treated surfaces such as paintwork, glass, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics and more.
  • Protects from harmful pollutants, UV rays and leaves a brilliant, streak-free, luxurious shine.
  • Hydrophobic wax creates a thin film onto the treated surface rendering it safe from water spots and contamination stains.


Directions to Use EvoWash Quick WAX Car Detailer
Apply it over a clean surface and allow it to dry. Then buff it off using microfiber towel. Before applying, make sure you have shaken the gallon well. Pour it into the empty spray bottle. Apply it on freshly-cleaned and cool surfaces.
After spraying, quickly spread the product using our microfiber towel, wait for 20 minutes and buff it. Thus, you need to spend less time waxing your car and more time enjoying its amazing looks!


4 liter


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